Lake Salda to be protected in expansion: Ministry

Lake Salda to be protected in expansion: Ministry

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Lake Salda to be protected in expansion: Ministry

Lake Salda has been declared a 'Special Environmental Protection Area', with its size increased six-fold, the Environment and Urbanization Ministry said on Aug. 1.

It was declared first and second degree Natural Protected Area in 1989 and will be further protected with the new regulation.

The special protection area will increase from 10,900 acres (4,400 hectares) to 73,000 acres (29,500 hectares). And the natural site area will be 21,000 acres (8,474 hectares) where it was previously 14,500 areas (5,898 hectares).

The new action is an effort to protect the natural beauties of Lake Salda and prevent it from human-induced negative impacts. The coastline of the lake is also put under protection in case natural and cultural fabric in the area could be damaged.

With the lake declared special protected area, research will start on 301 aquatic and terrestrial plant species belonging to 61 families.

No vehicles are allowed in the area as all the human waste is cleared.

A commission under Burdur Governorship inspects the area twice a week.

Turkey's government-backed housing agency TOKI made a tender Wednesday for the construction of “Lake Salda Nation's Garden.”

Also known as Turkey's Maldives, the lake in the Burdur province has been a popular destination for tourists in recent years with its white beach and clear water.