Lake in Turkey’s south completely dries up

Lake in Turkey’s south completely dries up

Lake in Turkey’s south completely dries up

Lake Avlan, a major lake in Turkey’s Mediterranean province of Antalya, has completely dried out due to the effects of global warming and irresponsible agricultural irrigation.

Lack of rainfall and irresponsible agricultural irrigation has turned the freshwater lake of 850 hectares in the province of Antalya’s Elmalı district into a desert.

Once considered as the main water source of the region, the lake has now become a large pasture on which animals graze.

The drought stemming from climate change has also led to a recession of the lake’s waters, making finding food a challenge for migratory birds.

Thirst also began to be experienced in Göltarla village on the shore of the lake due to the drought.

A warning sign indicating that entering the lake is not allowed remained from the dried-out water source.

“Not only the water in the lake, but also the groundwater is almost gone,” said Durmuş Sarıkaya, the village head.

The situation is not unique to Lake Avlan. Illegal irrigation also was blamed for the drying up of other lakes in Turkey’s southwestern provinces and in Konya Plain, known as the country’s breadbasket.

Figures show that temperatures are steadily increasing in the country due to climate change, leading to significant drops in water resources.