‘La Nina’ effect looks likely in winter, warns meteorologist

‘La Nina’ effect looks likely in winter, warns meteorologist

ISTANBUL - İsmail Sarı
‘La Nina’ effect looks likely in winter, warns meteorologist

The “La Nina” effect, a weather event causing drought, floods and sudden rains, will continue this winter in Türkiye, an expert has warned.

“The temperatures were slightly above the seasonal norms this summer as drought, sudden rainfalls, floods and strong winds had a significant effect,” said meteorologist Güven Özdemir, underlining that the “La Nina” effect will continue this year.

La Nina is experienced when strong winds on the surface of the Pacific Ocean create a current of warm water along the equator towards Indonesia, other parts of Asia, and Australia.

During this period, some countries experience drought, while others face floods.

“If the cold weather and snowfalls that will occur in the Arctic and especially in Siberia continue intensely, the arctic cold may come to Türkiye,” Özdemir said.

It is very likely that Türkiye will face cold weather till March, according to the expert.

“Winter will start around the end of October this year in Türkiye,” said Özdemir. “At the end of October, the weather will start to get colder, especially in the inner parts of the country. Though the weather will warm up for a short time in the first week of November, the cold will appear again later on.”

According to the latest data announced by the General Directorate of Meteorology, the temperatures will gradually decrease as of Sept. 21, and that they will decrease significantly all over the country with the rains later in the week.