Kurdish conference set to begin on Sept 15

Kurdish conference set to begin on Sept 15

ARBIL - Anadolu Agency
A planned Kurdish National Conference that will gather Kurds from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will take place between Sept. 15 and 17, according to the preparation committee of the conference.

Kurdish National Conference Preparation Committee said the three-day conference would start in Sept. 15, after a meeting in Arbil on Aug. 20.

The committee also said the previous date was cancelled to allow time for “the technical work.”

The committee said 600 delegations and 300 observers were going to be invited to the conference.

About 35 percent of the participants are set to be representatives of NGOs and 45 percent would be from political parties and the rest from youth and independent people, according to the committee.

The statement also said that 40 percent of the participants would be women.