Kurdish alphabet to be unified

Kurdish alphabet to be unified

DİYARBAKIR - Doğan News Agency
Kurds need a single unified alphabet to communicate and form a national consciousness, according to a report prepared by some 200 Kurdish linguists who assembled from around the world for the Kurdish National Language Conference held in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

The 200 Kurdish expatriate linguists hailed from a variety of countries, including Syria, Iran, Iraq and Canada, as well as from Europe and the Caucasus region.

Mardin independent deputy and Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-leader Ahmet Türk participated in the conference and said that the Kurdish people’s history will no longer include violence and lack of recognition.

“Studies are being done in four separate parts of Kurdistan. This is the time for the Kurds,” Türk said.
The concluding statement of the conference outlined several goals, including the standardization of the Kurdish language through a unified alphabet, the use of Kurdish in university education, and the establishment of a Kurdish language institution. The statement also condemned political and military operations on Kurds and suggested a dialogue for negotiation.