Kıyıköy offers alternative holiday destination

Kıyıköy offers alternative holiday destination

Kıyıköy offers alternative holiday destination

A village in the Marmara region, some 195 kilometers away from Istanbul, has been enthralling visitors with its natural beauties, offering people an alternative holiday destination.

Kıyıköy is beautiful in every season,” said Veli Şen, the provincial cultural and tourism director of the northwestern province of Kırklareli.

Lying some 95 kilometers away from the province center, Kıyıköy has a winter population of 2,500, while the summer population skyrockets to around 30,000.

“Kıyıköy means nature, sea and stream,” Şen noted, reminding that the village was the “pearl of the Thrace region.”

Calling the village “a place that should be explored,” Şen listed a number of activities that people can do in Kıyıköy.

“People can indulge in swimming activities, do canoeing on the stream, go trekking in the woods, or visit the Monastery of St. Nicholas,” he said.

For food lovers, Şen recommended Kıyıköy meatballs, local water buffalo yoğurt and fish of the region.

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