Japan’s Hitachi positions Turkey as regional hub in healthcare

Japan’s Hitachi positions Turkey as regional hub in healthcare

Japan’s Hitachi positions Turkey as regional hub in healthcare Hitachi, which recently acquired Turkey’s Kurt&Kurt, has declared Turkey as its regional hub in healthcare.

Turkey will be positioned as the fifth strategic center for the global operations of Hitachi in healthcare business, according to a release published after a press meeting of the company on April 11. 

Hitachi recently acquired a 75 percent stake in Kurt&Kurt, a leading provider of medical diagnostic systems and solutions in Turkey and Central Asia. Through the acquisition, Hitachi aims at gaining the healthcare business platform that would help further expand its global business and provide total solution by strengthening operation services for hospital imaging centers and more, according to the release. 

There are many large investments in the healthcare sector such as hospital constructions being planned in Turkey. Hitachi said it will expand the sales channels of diagnostic systems to provide solutions including operation services for hospital imaging centers in Turkey, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa by taking advantage of Kurt&Kurt’s business base.

In addition, Hitachi stated it promotes globalizing the solution business by providing its superior surgical treatment solutions and radiation therapy systems. 

“Turkey is positioned in the strategically and geographically important location to Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. After 33 years of successful partnership contributing to Turkey’s healthcare development, we recently have been providing not only our diagnostic systems, but also various kinds of solutions to the medical facilities. Through this acquisition, we will further strengthen our partnership and collaborate together to deliver state of the art solutions. I envision that our works would contribute to the healthcare development and improve the quality of life in the region,” said Vice President and CEO of Hitachi’s Healthcare Business Unit Masaya Watanabe.