İzmir rescue dog Şans dies

İzmir rescue dog Şans dies

İzmir rescue dog Şans dies A search-and-rescue dog named Şans (Luck), which has been a member of the İzmir Municipality Fire Department for 11 years, taking part in many missions including after the Van earthquake and the Soma mine disaster, has died. 

According to a statement issued by the municipality, Şans was buried by instructor İbrahim Yılmaz and other fire workers at the municipal animal cemetery in Seyrek. One of the dog’s toys and a search and rescue jacket was also placed in his coffin. 

A labrador, Şans was given to the fire department in 2006 when he was one year old, and he was trained to find humans buried under ruins. 

The animal, which helped save many lives during his time at the municipality, received a number of certificates from many national and international organizations. He played a key role in saving the life of an 11-year-old child after a 7.2-magnitute earthquake struck the eastern province of Van in 2001. 

Yılmaz said Şans’ son Gece (Night) will now also be trained as a search and rescue dog.