İzmir hosting international art biennial in May

İzmir hosting international art biennial in May

İzmir hosting international art biennial in May

Seval Özcan

The 5th International İzmir Art Biennial is set to be held from May 3 to May 6 revolving around the theme “Beyond the World.”

Including four artists from Colombia, Russia, India and Peru, 75 artists will participate in the biennial, where 111 art works will be showcased.

The biennial will take place at the İzmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum in Konak, Kültürpark Art Gallery and Seba Art Gallery.

As 2019 is the Year of Göbeklitepe, artists will display 32 pieces discovered in Göbeklitepe, an archeological gem researchers have found to be the first temple in the world dating 12,000 years back, within the scope of the 4th Golden City Project during the biennial.

Among the artists to participate in the biennial is Seval Özcan, a painter and lecturer at Istanbul Medipol University.

Özcan, who creates compositions with various textures and layers on the canvas to blend the art of the east and west with her own style, graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication and Marmara University Department of Fine Arts.

She obtained her Master of Arts degree from the Institute of Fine Arts at Marmara University, where she is currently continuing her doctoral studies.

Özcan’s newest work “The Other World” will be on display at the biennial.

Dominated by green color, the work contains the 15th-16th century Uşak carpet motifs. In the outer part surrounding the composition, an octal medallion form, which is one of the basic decoration forms of Islamic art in geometric ornaments, is located. The artist created a layered texture with traditional carpet motifs in relief on the canvas.

In her work titled the “Other World,” Özcan draws attention to longing, peace and happiness with all shades and color transitions of green.

Her work can be seen in the exhibition in the hall of the Culture and Tourism Ministry and the İzmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum.