Istanbul’s 7 districts breeding grounds of mosquitoes, map shows

Istanbul’s 7 districts breeding grounds of mosquitoes, map shows

Istanbul’s 7 districts breeding grounds of mosquitoes, map shows

Around 193,000 regions in Istanbul’s seven districts are main centers where mosquitoes breed, according to a “mosquito map of the city” presented at a health congress in the metropolis where international and local health experts gathered to find solutions against the invasion of mosquitoes.

“Mosquitoes breed more in Beykoz, Sarıyer, Silivri, Çatalca, Büyükçekmece, Şile and Ümraniye,” Önder Yüksel Eryiğit, the chief Istanbul Municipality’s Health Department, said during the “Invasive Mosquito Congress” held in Haliç Congress Center on Sept. 2.

Several local and international health experts participated in the congress, where various precautions that should be taken against the dangerous Asian tiger mosquitoes (Stegomyia albopicta) were discussed in detail.

According to a map introduced in the congress, there are some 193,000 areas in Istanbul, where mosquitoes breed in huge numbers.

Places such as backwaters, water bowls under flowerpots, waste tires, ornamental pools and water bowls at cemeteries are considered suitable breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“Places with still waters in the city are main breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, 80 percent of these backwaters are man-made,” Eryiğit said.

According to the expert, water bowls under flowerpots can “convert into a breeding ground for mosquitoes in just three days.”

“Please do not keep vehicle tires in gardens. Keep them locked. After the rains, the water accumulated inside these tires becomes home to mosquitoes,” he added.

Salih Bülent Alten remarked about the danger of the Asian tiger mosquitoes that have populated across the Marmara region.

“This fly entered Turkey via Georgia. We first detected it in 2009. Overpopulated across the Marmara region, these mosquitoes are also seen in [the western province of] İzmir,” he said, adding that they spread quickly.