Istanbul ‘ready as never before’ to host 2020 Olympic Games: Gül

Istanbul ‘ready as never before’ to host 2020 Olympic Games: Gül

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Istanbul ‘ready as never before’ to host 2020 Olympic Games: Gül

President Abdullah Gül. Courtesy of president's office

President Abdullah Gül has reiterated the Turkish government’s commitment to staging the 2020 Olympic Games in Istanbul and affirmed the country would “deliver on promises.”

Gül was speaking at a welcoming address to International Olympic Committee (IOC) inspectors who today began a four-day visit to assess Istanbul’s ability to host the games. The team has already visited rival bidders Tokyo and Madrid.

Gül said it is time for Turkey to leave its Olympic legacy.

“An Olympic City is already rising even as we speak here today,” Gül told the delegation in Istanbul. “By hosting the 2020 Games we are determined to leave, in this very city, in this country, and throughout the whole region, an unforgettable Olympic legacy. This is the time for Turkey. We are ready as never before; as I hope you will see during the coming days. Let us work together for this historic moment awaiting us in 2020.”

Turkey is promising modern venues and is touting a two-continent backdrop for the games in Istanbul, which straddles Europe and Asia.

“We have a history of delivering on our promises and we will deliver on our commitment to you,” Gül said.

“If awarded, Istanbul 2020 would mark the first Games in Olympic history to take place across two continents simultaneously. It will also be the first Olympic Games ever staged in Turkey; or indeed, the first Olympic Games to be hosted by a Muslim nation. It will immerse the Olympic Family in a brand new environment with a rich history and a fascinating culture unlike any other city in the world.”