Istanbul Photo Awards exhibition in New York

Istanbul Photo Awards exhibition in New York

Istanbul Photo Awards exhibition in New York

An exhibition featuring a selection of photographs from the international news photography competition, the Istanbul Photo Awards 2021, kicked off in New York on Oct. 18.

An opening ceremony was held at the newly-inaugurated Türkevi Center, or Turkish House, in New York City.

Anadolu Agency board member İsmail Çağlar, and Oğuz Enis Peru, the agency’s deputy director-general, also attended the ceremony.

As many as 40 photographs covering major events around the world over the past year are being exhibited at the U.N. headquarters until Oct. 29.

Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Turkey’s permanent representative to the U.N., said the exhibition is the first cultural event at the Türkevi Center.

He said they are pleased to know that interest in the photography contest, annually organized by Anadolu Agency, has increased over the years.

Stressing that the exhibition includes photographs reflecting the devastating effects of COVID-19 from different perspectives, as well as creativity, self-sacrifice, and determination, he said that some photos reveal the suffering of those who lost their loved ones in wars and disasters, and the effects of climate change.

“I hope the exhibition strengthens our collective will to resolve a multitude of issues fairly, inclusively and quickly,” he added.

In his speech, Peru said last year’s most important event was undoubtedly the coronavirus pandemic that affected the entire world.

Bangladeshi Mohammed Shajahan’s photo titled “Mom Love” won the Photo of the Year Award.

Explaining that award-winning photographers have revealed developments in different parts of the world with their works in war, conflict and disaster regions, including Azerbaijan, Syria, and Lebanon, Peru said: “We believe that photography has the power to reach all borders, and as Anadolu Agency, we attach great importance to photography.”

The Permanent Mission of Turkey to the U.N. helped open the exhibition that is sponsored by Turkish Airlines and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The seventh edition of the awards and the exhibition are both organized by Anadolu Agency. The international jury of nine, including photojournalists and a visual storyteller, decide the winners every year.

More information about the awards and the winning photos can be found on the event’s website,