Istanbul nightclubs and coffee shops struggle after Reina terror attack

Istanbul nightclubs and coffee shops struggle after Reina terror attack

Istanbul nightclubs and coffee shops struggle after Reina terror attack Nightclubs and coffee shops in Istanbul have been affected by the deadly terror attack at the Reina nightclub that killed 39 people and wounded 65 early on Jan. 1.

Popular clubs and coffee shops in the Etiler, Bebek, Arnavutköy, Ortaköy, Nişantaşı, Cihangir, Asmalımescit and Karaköy districts remained closed following the attack. Usually busy streets housing renowned venues have also seen a sharp fall in patrons.

Meanwhile, security measures were increased in Istanbul’s most popular touristic districts, especially in the Ortaköy neighborhood where the Reina attack was carried out.

Istanbul locals are also fearful of possible further terror attacks, German media outlet Deutsche Welle reported.

Esin Geniş, 32, who works as a driver at a company, was quoted as saying that her biggest expectation from 2017 was security.

“I have started to think about whether I can return home or not when I leave. When I return home at night, I say to myself ‘I got off today,’” she added.

Bülent Yıldız, 39, who works as the manager of a branch office of a world-renowned fast food chain, noted that tourists have started to stay away from Turkey.

“Nobody has been coming from Europe for a few years. I hope Arab tourists don’t now also flee Turkey following these attacks,” Yıldız said.   

One of the locals who works in a restaurant in Ortaköy, Halime Karadağ, said they had never experienced such a bad season as the current one.