Istanbul mayor encourages pet adoption

Istanbul mayor encourages pet adoption

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Istanbul mayor encourages pet adoption

There are many stray dogs and cats on Istanbul's streets and in shelters. DHA photo

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş has called on citizens to get their pets from shelters instead of buying them and invited them to the city’s animal shelters.

Speaking at a meeting on animal rights yesterday in Istanbul, Topbaş said a significant number of animals are brought to Turkey in terrible conditions.

“Some people bring small dogs and other animals in their luggage when travelling to Turkey, some of them die during the trip while others are sold,” Topbaş said in the final event of a three-month long animal rights campaign titled “Existence is a right: Solidarity Between Species.”
The Istanbul mayor said people who want pets should visit the shelters in the city. “We have increased the number animal shelters in Istanbul and we are using scientific methods in those shelters, but we need people’s support to protect animals’ rights.”

“We have already contacted Prime Minster Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to have laws that will prohibit the smuggling of animals,” Topbaş said. “Everybody who wants pets should come to our shelters; all the animals in the shelters are neutered and vaccinated.” 

Topbaş also said animal cruelty cannot be a source of amusement. “All living creatures are sacred, and life is their born right,” said Topbaş. “None of us have the right to take it away from them.”

He said in two years, there will no longer be dolphins held in captivity. “There is one dolphinarium in our city and we will not extend its contract when the contract expires in two years,” said the Istanbul mayor.