Istanbul changes street names with Gülen-linked words

Istanbul changes street names with Gülen-linked words

Fatma Aksu - ISTANBUL
Istanbul changes street names with Gülen-linked words

The Istanbul Municipal Council has decided to change the names of a total of 90 streets that included words, which could be associated with FETÖ, the group widely believed to have masterminded the failed coup in 2016.

Accordingly, a street in the Şişli district bearing the word “Samanyolu” was named after Hırant Dink, the prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist killed in 2007 outside his office.

In the Şişli district, a street previously known as “Işık” was named after Uğur Mumcu, who was killed in a bomb attack in Ankara 25 years ago.

The municipality also resolved to change the name of “Samanyolu” street in the Beyoğlu district to “Münir Özkul” street after the late actor.

The name of “Işık” street in the Bakırköy district was changed to “Yaşar Kemal” street to honor the famous novelist.

“Samanyolu” street in the Bahçelievler district became “Eren Bülbül” street. The 15-year-old Eren Bülbül was killed by illegal PKK during clashes between the group and security forces in Trabzon’s Maçka district in August 2017.

“Renaming streets after Hırant Dink and Uğur Mumcu will contribute to social peace,” said Cevdet Bayram from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), who is a member of the Istanbul Municipal Council. Bayram thanked the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) members of the council for the renaming initiative.

This is not the first time the megacity’s municipality has launched a renaming campaign to rid street names of Gülen-linked words.

In December last year, the Istanbul Municipality unanimously approved the renaming of 192 streets across the metropolitan area that reminded of FETÖ.

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