Istanbul air for sale, gets big demand

Istanbul air for sale, gets big demand

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Istanbul air for sale, gets big demand

The air of Istanbul is being sold at museum stores for 16 liras. People buy it as a gift for those who miss Istanbul. AA photo

The Bilkent Cultural Initiative (BKG) has started selling a new product claiming to offer “Air of Istanbul.”

The initiative, with the help of 55 museums and touristic sites, created a new can with “Air of Istanbul” written on the outside. The initiative is generating huge interest.

The product went on sale for the first time in 2010. The same year the initiative started the “Istanbul Collection,” which consists of magnets, posters, cards and other products publicizing Istanbul. The most sold items in the Istanbul Collection are the mouse pads, tea sets and coffee mugs. “Air of Istanbul,” costs 16 liras.

The initiative’s store manager Yıldıray Durmaz said: “Everyone who sees the Air of Istanbul cans first smiles, and then they buy it as a present to a loved one. They want to carry a part of Istanbul with them.”
“Most of our customers send this lovely present to their relatives, who live outside the country,” said Durmaz.