Israeli reporters ‘shoved’ in Istanbul amid diplomatic rift

Israeli reporters ‘shoved’ in Istanbul amid diplomatic rift

Fırat Alkaç – ISTANBUL
Israeli reporters ‘shoved’ in Istanbul amid diplomatic rift

Two Israeli journalists from the broadcaster Hadashot TV News have said they were “shoved” as they interviewed locals in Istanbul’s Taksim Square on May 15.

The journalists were in the square asking people their views about recent incidents in Gaza.

One woman, who was not identified in reports, approached the news crew as they were interviewing taxi drivers and confronted them.

“You are killing people in Palestine and you come here to do reports,” she allegedly yelled at the crew.

Other people started to gather around the news crew, after which the woman and two individuals reportedly shoved the Israeli journalists in the neck and shoulder.

Police intervened and detained the woman upon the Israeli journalists’ complaint.

The woman was taken to a nearby police station and released after being questioned.

The incident comes as tension between Turkey and Israel rises over the killing of scores of Palestinians by Israeli security forces in Gaza. 

Turkey earlier this week recalled its ambassador in Tel Aviv for consultations in connection with the Gaza killings.

The government also declared a three-day national mourning, while the Israeli ambassador to Ankara and the Israeli consul general were told to leave the country temporarily.

Earlier this week thousands of people around Turkey demonstrated in protest at the Gaza killings.