Iran again criticizes Turkey on NATO missile shield

Iran again criticizes Turkey on NATO missile shield

Iranian deputy Alaeddin Boroujerdi has criticized Turkey for its decision to host an early warning radar as part of NATO’s missile defense system.

Boroujerdi, chairman for the Iranian Parliament’s Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, made the remarks in a meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Ümit Yardım on Dec. 20.

“Tehran and Ankara should not allow their enemies to cause strains in their friendly relations,” Mehr news agency quoted Boroujerdi as saying.

Commenting on the historical, religious, and cultural ties between the two countries, Boroujerdi said the similarities could serve as a stepping stone toward the consolidation of ties in all spheres, particularly the parliamentary relationship.

He emphasized the necessity of maintaining fraternal relations between the two countries and said enemies should not be allowed to harm Iran and Turkey’s close relationship.

The deputy also described Iran and Turkey as two important Muslim countries in the region and said promoting ties with neighboring countries was one of the fundamental principles of the Islamic republic’s foreign policy.

Ankara previously expressed its unease to Tehran over remarks that Iran would target NATO missile defense installations in the eastern Anatolian province of Malatya but the Iranian foreign minister rejected the views, saying those who had made such “irresponsible statements” had been warned.