IPI names Turkey an "enemy of press freedom"

IPI names Turkey an "enemy of press freedom"

IPI names Turkey an enemy of press freedom

Colleagues and friends of recently detained journalist march in central Istanbul. AA photo AA Photo

The International Press Institute included Turkey in the list of countries friendly with the West but with poor records in press freedom.

The list names 10 countries that suffer from limited press freedom, but possess important, strategic ties to Western countries.

Turkey is named as a 'key ally' and an important player for the transition to democracy in the Middle Eastern, but is claimed to have "one of the worst freedom pictures in Europe."

IPI said over 80 journalists in Turkey are in jail over terrorism-related allegations, including the alleged Ergenekon plot to overthrow the ruling party.

Other countries on the list are Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Hungary.