Investigation into Gaziantep attack complete: minister

Investigation into Gaziantep attack complete: minister

Investigation into Gaziantep attack complete: minister

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Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin has said the investigation into the recent bomb attack in Gaziantep, in which nine people were killed and 69 were injured, has come to an end. 

Şahin answered journalists’ questions in Hakkari, reviewing the investigation into the attack. “For the success of the investigation, it would not be right for me to give detailed information, but I would like to say that the investigation is about to be finalized. I hope we will share the results with the public within a few days. We are very close to the end,” Şahin said. 

It was reported that during the questioning of the tow-truck driver who brought the bomb-laden car used in the attack from Siverek to Gaziantep he was shown the suspects’ photos one by one. The driver recognized one of the suspects, claiming that he was the bomber. The suspect was revealed to be a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) bomb expert of Syrian origin. 

A team consisting of five specialists was formed to investigate the Gaziantep attack by order of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, according to daily Akşam. The team, including one director and four high-ranking officers from the Security General Directorate’s Anti-Terrorism Department, immediately headed to Gaziantep and began working there. They first questioned the driver of the tow-truck.

“I put the car on the tow-truck in Siverek, and then brought it to where I was told to, and received 500 Turkish Liras in return. I don’t know these people. I am very sorry,” said the driver, who is from Şanlıurfa’s Siverek district. It was revealed that the driver has no relationship to the PKK. 

Two suspects, M.A. and M.H., were taken into custody in Mersin’s city center by the Mersin Police Department’s anti-terrorism branch on Aug. 22 in connection with the bombing, and were sent to Gaziantep for questioning. It was reported that a total of five suspects, including the tow-truck driver, were being questioned at Gaziantep’s Police Headquarters.