Internet videos screened at Istanbul Modern

Internet videos screened at Istanbul Modern

Internet videos screened at Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern Cinema is bringing the Internet to the big screen for the third time with the Upload Cinema Marathon.

Istanbul Modern Cinema is bringing the Internet to the big screen for the third time with the Upload Cinema Marathon. In collaboration with Dutch film club Upload Cinema, the program presents over 100 videos in four separate selections including the 40 most-watched videos of the year. Among these unusual, creative and fun amateur videos are surprises for the audience, addressing current events and scenes from diverse feature films ranging from “Inception” to “Gone with the Wind.” The Upload Cinema Marathon brings out the creativity in the audience and offers a new interactive sphere expanding the definition of cinema.

On Dec. 13 the program will present “No Time for Losers.” This is a selection full of surprises consisting of 39 videos that witness unusual events and achievements, especially in sports.

“Remixing the City” includes 33 videos relating to the theme of the city selected by Upload Cinema in collaboration with the Netherlands Architecture Institute. An interesting selection of videos about the city including a scene from “Inception” will be on screen on Dec. 13 at 5 p.m.

A selection of 34 fun videos collected by Upload Cinema in collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam is titled “Bad Endings.” Beginning with a dramatic scene from “Gone with the Wind,” this selection consists of news clips with elements of black humor and accidentally captured amateur videos.

The Top 40 program, which consists of last year’s top 40 films, presents viral hits ranging from the highlights of the year, such as the capture of Gadhafi and sidesplitting clips to creative experimental videos about everyday life and surprising mise-en-scenes.

Between Dec. 20 and 21, Istanbul Modern Cinema is hosting the sixth Sinepark Short Genre Film Festival organized by Galatasaray University’s Center for Research and Applications on Media Studies.

In the festival short films from the genres of horror, action, fantasy and sci-fi will be assessed within various sections. The finalists of these sections will meet short film aficionados at Istanbul Modern on Dec. 21, the shortest day of the year. Among this year’s guests is director Ümit Ünal, who will be at Istanbul Modern on Dec. 20 at 5:00 p.m. with his first film, “9,” and will give a talk on “Suspense Cinema in Turkey.”
Films from Kosovo

At the end of the month, Istanbul Modern is hosting a day of the Contours of Contemporary Kosova festival, which brings together artists, activists, musicians and theorists of the newest country of Europe. The festival aims to represent Kosovo’s cultural values through art, film, music, presentations and talks, and creates a platform of interaction among the artistic communities of the two countries.

Veton Nurkollari, the artistic director of the International Documentary and Short Film Festival (DokuFest) will present the activities of the organization. Nurkollari will focus on the effect of Dokufest, the second biggest film festival in the Balkans, on the development and cultural consumption of the historical city of Prizren, and their future plans. The selection of six short films produced in 1998-1999 post-war Kosovo takes a look into the rising film scene of the country. Telling stories about the country’s new flag and how it is perceived by its citizens, the ancient custom of men’s lament at funerals, divided communities sharing a single school building.

Artist talk: Sislej Xhafa

Kosovan contemporary artist Sislej Xhafa will present his works, talking about their relationship with Kosovo and the sociopolitical changes that the country has been going through, and how borders and living in a post-war country affect an artist. Xhafa was featured in the 2007 exhibition “Time Present Time Past” at Istanbul Modern with his work “Elegant Sick Bus,” a brightly mirrored coach without an effective engine, highlighting issues of immigration and unemployment.