International mosaic contest in Gaziantep

International mosaic contest in Gaziantep

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International mosaic contest in Gaziantep

The International Mosaic Contest, which will be held in Gaziantep, famous for its Zeugma Mosaic Museum, will be joined by artists from 15 countries. AA photo

The southeastern city of Gaziantep, famous for its mosaics, is to host an international mosaic contest. Gaziantep Deputy Governor Mehmet Taşdöğen stated at a press conference held at the Zeugma Mosaic Museum that Gaziantep was rich in terms of mosaics. He added that the world’s biggest mosaic museum was in Tunisia before, but Gaziantep had taken over the title after the opening of the Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

On the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, the city would be home to a mosaic contest, Taşdöğen said, adding, “There will be 15 countries from all around the world joining the contest. This is a very important way for us to be known worldwide.”

Metropolitan Municipality Vice Chairman Selami Yetkin Şekerci emphasized that the contest would draw attention to the city. The Vice Chairman of Culture and Tourism Ministry Mehmet Aykanat said that the aim of organizing the contest was to make the city active in the field of culture.

First mosaic contest

The coordinator of the contest, Süha Semerci, an old mosaic artist, said that this was the first time in Turkey that such a contest would take place, which will be open to professional and amateur mosaic artists from all around the world. “We have not decided on the size, materials or theme. Our aim is to make known the mosaic art, which is part of our cultural heritage.” added Semerci.

The mosaic contest will be held between Oct. 27 and 29. The contestants can apply to participate in the contest by providing three high definition jpeg formatted photos of their artwork. Ninety works will be chosen from among the applications and the winner will receive 20,000 Turkish Liras, the first runner-up will get 15,000 liras and the second runner-up will get 10,000 liras.