Intercontinental package delivery made by drones

Intercontinental package delivery made by drones

Intercontinental package delivery made by drones

A shipping company has made a delivery between two continents in Istanbul with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Yurtiçi Kargo made an intercontinental cargo delivery by drone, in which the flight took place between Çubuklu and Emirgan districts in Istanbul. The company made its first test flight in the capital Ankara last month and delivered its first package with an unmanned aerial vehicle in this flight.

The UAV system used by the company works with its own integrated smart cargo lockers. Initially, the courier loads the package into the first locker and selects the locker as the delivery spot locker on smart screens. The UAV comes to the spot as soon as it receives the work order, autonomously receives the package and delivers it to the other location within minutes.

Providing information about the flight between Çubuklu and Emirgan, Fahrettin Hamzaoğlu, deputy general manager of Cargo Operations at Yurtiçi Kargo, stated that they continue to work on scenarios where the entire process can be carried out with autonomous vehicles.

“We continue our efforts to incorporate the entire process into a fully automated system, from the point where the shipments are picked up from the warehouses to the point where they are delivered to the recipient,” Hamzaoğlu said.

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