Institute to boost cinema dream

Institute to boost cinema dream

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Institute to boost cinema dream

Director of the CerModern’s Cinema and Audio Visual Arts Institute, Tufan Taştan (center) pose with the other team members. Among the workshop instructors will be Ezel Akay and Meltem Cumbul. AA photo

Ankara’s CerModern is set to open the door for cinema enthusiasts to bring their ideas to the silver screen with comprehensive workshops that will be presented as part of a new institute.

“These workshops will offer a modern cinema environment for participants with theoretic and applied studies,” Tufan Taştan, the director of the new formation, the Cinema and Audio Visual Arts Institute (CAVA), recently told Anatolia news agency.

CAVA’s workshops will provide an opportunity for film students to receive instruction in techniques from a collection of both famous foreign and Turkish directors.

Workshops conducted by master artists, directors and critics will be organized around themes like “Bir Film Yaratmak” (Creating a Film), “Düşten Kağıda” (Dream to Paper), “Kameraya Oynamak”
(Acting before the Camera) and “Sinema Okuryazarlığı”

(Cinema Literacy), covering four important categories, filmmaking, screen writing, cinema acting
and cinema comprehension/cinema criticism.

12-week workshops

The “Creating a Film” workshop will focus on launching film production and will last 12 weeks, the director said.

“It will give participants all theoretic and practical information to direct a film. With the presentation of program consultants, the technique and meaning of cinema will be discussed. Participants will focus on the filmmaking adventure by practicing their theoretic knowledge,” Taştan said.

The project, realized by CerModern and Yapım-eki, is a new corporate structure in the field of cinema and audio-visual arts in Turkey.

Taştan said their first goal was to bring together ideas with artistic discipline by using an experimental technique.

At the end of each workshop, the participants will be given a certificate. CAVA’s initiative provides a new opportunity to obtain an education about film in Ankara, Taştan said, noting that the capital lagged behind Istanbul on the subject and that the new project sought to revive some of the city’s artistic and cultural life.

The workshops’ first term will run from Oct. 13 until Dec. 30, Taştan said, adding that quotas were limited and that applications would continue until Oct. 8.

Figures from cinema world

“Each workshop will include three courses, each of which will take one month. The first three weeks of each course will continue with educators. And the project consultants will attend the last week of the courses. Also, workshop educators will come together with participants for one-on-one education once a week. Reservation will be necessary for one-on-one educations,” the CAVA director said.

He said CAVA would also host a number of figures from the cinema world.

“Discussions, film screenings and workshops open to the public will be organized every month. Our purpose is to present a modern environment of education and production. Following the first term, we will discuss the next program and organize the second term. The other goal of the institute is to create environments for fields such as cinema music, cinematography and creative directing, which are not common in Turkey,” Taştan said.