Industrial production, house sales data out this week

Industrial production, house sales data out this week

Industrial production, house sales data out this week

Turkish authorities will release a set of key macroeconomic data this week, industrial production and house sales.

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) will release the industrial production figures for October tomorrow. In September, the country’s industrial output rose by 0.2 percent from a year ago, while the production contracted 1.6 percent compared to August.

On the same day, retail sales and turnover in the industry, construction, trade and services industries will be announced.

Another key data to be released by TÜİK this week is the house sales statistics for November, while the Central Bank will announce the residential price property prices for October on Dec. 16.

House sales declined more than 25 percent in October compared to the same month of 2021 to around 103,000. In the first 10 months of 2022, a total of 1.16 million houses were sold in the country, pointing to a 6.7 percent increase from January-October last year.

The residential property index leaped 189 percent year-on-year in September, with property prices rising 4.9 percent on a monthly basis.
The current account balance and the unemployment rate for October are also due today.

The current account deficit was $2.97 billion in September, while the deficit grew from $6.1 billion in the first nine months of 2021 to $37.98 billion in January-September this year.

The unemployment rate was 10.1 percent in September.

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