In 2019, Turkey will see many changes in daily life

In 2019, Turkey will see many changes in daily life

In 2019, Turkey will see many changes in daily life

Turkish people are set to see a variety of changes in daily life beginning on Jan. 1, with the most striking change to be seen in grocery stores, which will charge customers 0.25 Turkish Liras ($4 cents) for a single-use plastic bag under new regulations.

But in the grocery stores, small-sized plastic bags will be free of charge in a bid to protect food sold openly.

As part of the government’s efforts against plastic pollution, entrepreneurs have to set up container-deposit places for the return of bottles and plastic materials.

The government last month vowed to implement a 10 percent discount on household energy prices, while also increasing the monthly minimum wage by 26 percent.

The discount on energy prices will also apply to medium-sized enterprises.

Citizens who fail to declare their incomes and those who have not paid their debts will no longer be able to receive free healthcare under the national healthcare insurance service.

A data cap for internet users, a limit on internet usage by telecom companies that downgrades connection speeds after users reach a specific number of gigabytes while downloading, will be lifted, bringing an increase in internet usage prices. The practice was criticized by some for slowing down connection speed.

Smokers will also see changes in 2019 and will have to buy cigarette packs sold in standardized packaging bearing graphic warnings of health risks. Only 5 percent of one side of the packaging will display the brand of the cigarette.

The government will reintroduce the compulsory Private Pension Insurance (BES), which started on Jan. 1, 2017. The insurance will be gradually put into service according to the number of employees. BES will start at workplaces which have five to nine employees.