Hundreds stand in silence imitating the 'standing man'

Hundreds stand in silence imitating the 'standing man'

Hundreds stand in silence imitating the standing man

A mannequin is placed during a protest at Taksim Square in Istanbul June 18. REUTERS photo

The protest inspired by the performance artist Erdem Gündüz spread across Turkey today as it was imitated by hundreds that transited through the Taksim Square who stopped near where he first stood still not moving for eight hours on June 17.
Gürbüz, who was detained for a short period of time last night, was not back at the square but a mannequin was placed on the square to symbolically represent him. He was dubbed the “standing man” (duran adam) and reports on his solo act of civil disobediance had quickly spread on social media. Many people from other cities also joined the new protest wave, such as at Kuğulu Park in Ankara.
Earlier, the Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Güler had assured that the protest would not be subject to an intervention unless it began to constitute a menace against public order.

Meanwhile, as the security forces did not allow the public to enter Gezi Park, many people gathered in small parks all across Istanbul holding forums of discussion in the evening. 

Yoğurtçu Park in Kadıköy’s Moda neighborhood and Abbasağa Park in Beşiktaş became the rally point of many citizens. The future of the protests was discussed in the forums that continued until late at night. Daily Hürriyet reported that a crowd of hundreds of people in the Abbasağa Park made a silent demonstration standing still and without talking for minutes.
Another new form of protest was performed in the Galatasaray Square with people gugging each other and those walking in the İstiklal Avenue.
The protests over the demolition attempt of Gezi Park have entered its fourth after another massive police crackdown on the week-end that sparked huge outcry among the demonstrators. The security officers have not let anybody enter the park since.