Hundreds of Turkish companies are in Turkmenistan, deputy minister says

Hundreds of Turkish companies are in Turkmenistan, deputy minister says

Hundreds of Turkish companies are in Turkmenistan, deputy minister says Begjan  Kakajanov, the deputy minister of economy and development in Turkmenistan, delivered a speech at the Eurasian Economic Summit on regional projects, giving detailed information on commerce ties between his country and Turkey. 

The deputy minister also brought a message from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Here is a dispatch from his speech: 

Cooperation with Republic of Turkey is one of important aspects for our country. Mutual benefit of this kind of cooperation is appreciated in Turkmenistan and we have to note that big successes are achieved in many sectors of economy. As we know, a historical decree named “Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan” was accepted with consensus by United Nations General Assembly in 1995. It’s honor for all of us that our country is the only Neutral State that is approved by United Nations in new history of the world. This creates proud feeling in Turkmen people who are loyal to principles of peace, humanity and kind relations since ancient times.

Foreign policy of our country found support of international community as a result of widening of multilateral cooperation relations between Turkmenistan and all willing partners – different countries, respected international organizations. International community approves that it is important to keep positive relations in order to find fast solutions of important problems of modern time. Understanding of importance of unifying of efforts helped to acceptance of decree named “Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan” in 69th Assembly of United Nations General Assembly at 3rd June, 2015. 

Compatibility of strategic aims of Turkmenistan with duties and sides of world development determines direction of mutual efforts in strengthening of peace, security and cooperation in Central Asia region.

Turkmenistan who has contributed to political stabilization of conflicts in Tajikistan and Afghanistan, is respectful partner of UN in supporting Afghanistan socio-economically, helping region problems of disarming, searching positive way of solving water-energy problems, supplying ecological security, protecting environment and other issues nowadays. 


Turkmenistan advances its cooperation continuously with the Republic of Turkey. Foreign trade volume between Turkmenistan and Republic of Turkey was equal to 5.5 billion United States dollars in 2015.  Electric energy, polymer of propylene, petroleum and petroleum products, cotton yarn and textile products are exported to the Republic of Turkey from Turkmenistan. 

Production-technical products and different types of consumer goods are imported to Turkmenistan from the Republic of Turkey.

1580 investment projects were accomplished by Turkish companies at sectors like transport, petroleum and natural gas, energy, communication, textile, agriculture, construction, trade sectors and water management by investments of our country during years of independency. Currently 562 registered enterprises are acting in Turkmenistan with Turkish investments. 

I believe that this forum will widen scope of our partnership and discover wide opportunities of accomplishing common projects based on mutual benefits further.