Huge anti-narcotics, anti-terror police operation launched in Istanbul

Huge anti-narcotics, anti-terror police operation launched in Istanbul

Huge anti-narcotics, anti-terror police operation launched in Istanbul

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A large-scale operation with the participation of 2,000 police officers from anti-narcotics and anti-terror teams was launched in Istanbul on the morning of March 23. 

Checkpoints were established in parts of the city for the operation, called “Kurtkapanı-2,” which means Wolf Creek in Turkish. 

The operation is the second such large-scale operation since March 15, when “Kurtkapanı-1” was carried out with the participation of 1,000 police officers on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Entrances and exits to Istanbul were closed from the ground, air and sea, while helicopters and police boats were included in the operation, which was coordinated by Istanbul police chief Mustafa Çalışkan. 

“A large number of criminal items were seized and a many sought people were apprehended in the operation. Entrances to Istanbul from the ground, air and sea were closed from 14 different points. The operation between 12 and 3 p.m. features the setting up of checkpoints and the closing of entrances and exits to the city,” a statement released by Istanbul police on March 23 read. 

Searches were conducted at Atatürk International Airport, ports, subway stations, businesses, shops and heavily populated areas. In addition, police carried out searches in districts with high crime rates. 

The operation included police from all departments, including anti-drug, bomb disposal, terror and public order teams. 

In the previous operation on March 15, police stopped suspicious cars and carried out searches at Sabiha Gökçen Airport, as well as the Şile, Tuzla, Pendik and Kartal districts. General Information Scanning (GBT) was made for some 6,578 people suspected of committing crimes.

Unlicensed weapons, bullets and a rifle were confiscated and several people were detained.