HPV vaccine fee to be refunded to student

HPV vaccine fee to be refunded to student

HPV vaccine fee to be refunded to student

Upon a lawsuit filed by a university student, a court has ordered the Social Security Institution (SGK) to pay the cost of the HPV vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer, one of the most common types of cancer among women.

University student D.Y. paid 695 Turkish Liras to receive the first dose of the HPV vaccine upon the advice of the obstetrician she went to for examination.

The student, who had to pay the first dose despite her financial inadequacy, started a legal struggle to cover the total cost of three vaccine doses, 2,087 liras, with the SGK.

In the petition submitted to the court, it was requested that the cost of the second and third doses of vaccine be covered by SGK without any deductions and discounts.

Accordingly, the student also demanded that the cost of the first dose be refunded to her with the interest accruing as of the receipt date.

The court decided that the 695 liras drug price be collected from SGK with the legal interest processed as of August 05, 2021.

In a written statement made by Nilda Baltalı, the student’s lawyer, she pointed out that an important step has been taken in the process of covering the HPV vaccine by SGK.

“As part of our ‘Get the HPV Vaccine Free’ struggle, our lawsuits against SGK, demanding refunds for the HPV vaccine, continue to be justified,” Baltalı stated.

“We have taken our fourth decision of the court regarding the refund of the vaccine fee,” she noted.

The “Get the HPV Vaccine Free” campaign was launched in 2020 with the initiative of some pharmacists and physicians to cover the cost of the HPV vaccine by SGK as the price of the vaccine cannot be covered by many patients.

As part of the campaign, while trying to provide vaccinations for those who do not have access to the vaccine due to financial problems, the lawyers of the campaign also provide legal support to those applying to the court.