Historic bastion gets contentious makeover

Historic bastion gets contentious makeover

Historic bastion gets contentious makeover The Anadolu Hamidiye Bastion, built by the Sultan Abdulhamid II in 1892 to provide security for the Dardanelles, has been given a controversial makeover that has resulted in the desctruction of much the facility’s green area.

The green areas around the bastion were reduced after the modernization, although workers promised that the area would be made more verdant by the conclusion of the restoration project.

The project was initiated in February 2014 with an allocation of 20 million Turkish Liras and is set to be finished by March 18, the day of the Battle of Gallipoli victory celebrations. 

The undertaking attracted initial controversy when the contractor used heavy construction equipment on the historical arsenal site.

As part of the works, the outer walls of the bastion were demolished and new walls were erected. Historical armaments were also restored after being damaged by the elements and brought into an exhibition and museum hall. 

Playground and sporting implements have also been placed in the bastion, where a decorative pool was also constructed in the center. The ground was covered with stone in some parts of the bastion and turned into an area for events.
Also, a mini-amphitheater and backstage building was constructed in the bastion, as well as toilets and a cafeteria overlooking the sea. A miniature of the Dardanelles, Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea was also placed in the bastion. At the same time, a historic cannon used in the Battle of Gallipoli was put in the cannon artillery range.