Tornado, heavy summer rain hit Istanbul

Tornado, heavy summer rain hit Istanbul

Tornado, heavy summer rain hit Istanbul

Heavy rainfall and hail hit Istanbul, a metropolis with a total population of almost 16 million, causing flash floods in some districts and paralyzing traffic on June 23.

Due to the strong wind that turned into a storm, giant waves have lashed the coast of Yenikapı and Maltepe, both on opposite continents in Istanbul.

Many houses were flooded and vehicles were stranded on the roads in several locations after heavy downpours pounded both the European and Asian sides.

As traffic intensified in major hubs due to the precipitation, density in the city reached 53 percent.

Pedestrians tried to shelter from the rain and hail by waiting at bus stops and under the awnings of stores.

While a tornado occurred in Çatalca district during torrential rainfall, there were no reports of death or injury.

Media reports have said a large tree was knocked down in Zeytinburnu district.

Meanwhile, a correspondent of a television channel who reported the rain and strong wind on live broadcast was injured by a tree branch in Beşiktaş district.

Heavy rain is expected to be effective today and tomorrow.