Heavy rainfall expected in Istanbul

Heavy rainfall expected in Istanbul

Heavy rainfall expected in Istanbul


A “yellow” warning has been declared by the Turkish State Meteorological Service for Istanbul and other provinces in country’s northeast, stressing to take precautions against a heavy rainfall today.

The temperatures are expected to drop by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius in areas with heavy rainfall, while temperature conditions in other regions are expected to stay steadier.

The term “yellow warning” in meteorology denotes that “the weather is dangerous” and that “the residents should be careful of the weather conditions.”

Showers are awaited to continue intermittently this week and will be effective in all parts of the metropolis with a 16-million population.

Relatively lighter rain will also hit Central Anatolia and the country’s east tomorrow and on Nov. 24.

Authorities warned people to be careful and cautious against adversities such as sudden floods, lightning, hail, strong winds and transportation disruptions during expected showers.