Head of Pergamon excavations dies

Head of Pergamon excavations dies

İZMİR – Doğan News Agency
Head of Pergamon excavations dies

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Martin Bachmann, the German Archaeology Institute’s deputy Istanbul director and the head of the Pergamon excavations, died of a heart attack in Istanbul on Aug. 3. He was 52. 

Bachmann, who was an architectural history expert, participated in excavations in the ancient city of Pergamon when he was a student, remaining there for the rest of his life. As the head architect for restorations in the district, Bachmann also worked on the Eflatunpınar and Karasis excavations.

Celal Bayar University academic and the deputy head of the Pergamon excavations, Güler Ateş, said Bachmann was in love with Turkey and Pergamon.

“We are deeply sorry about his unexpected death. Pergamon had a special place for him. He used to say he was in love with Pergamon. He lived with his family in an old Greek house in Kale neighborhood. This is a very important loss, we are very sorry,” Ateş said.

After studying architecture at Karlsruhe University between 1986 and 1996, Bahcmann managed important projects for the protection of cultural heritage in Turkey. The most important project for him was the restoration of the Kızıl Avlu (Red Basilica) in Pergamon, but he also played a great role in the restoration of the Egyptian god Sekhmet’s statue. He was also a scientific consultant on municipal and gendarmerie projects in Pergamon. 
Bachmann’s funeral ceremony will be held on Aug. 6 in Karlsruhe after a ceremony to be held at the German Archaeology Institute in Istanbul.