HDP says Tüzel’s refusal to join interim gov’t was ‘his own choice’

HDP says Tüzel’s refusal to join interim gov’t was ‘his own choice’

HDP says Tüzel’s refusal to join interim gov’t was ‘his own choice’

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The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has argued HDP Istanbul deputy Levent Tüzel’s refusal to take part in an interim government was a decision made of his own will based on his original party’s reasoning.

Tüzel refused the offer from Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to take part in the pre-election cabinet by arguing the interim government would function as an extension of the incumbent Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, which he said was “a war cabinet,” HDP spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen said late on Aug. 27, in response to reporters’ questions.

“Tüzel acted upon legal order, choice and the will of the EMEP [Labor Party], which has made an alliance with our party. It is his own choice,” Bilgen told reporters. “This issue is not on our agenda since we consider this government as an executive government and take the issue as a right and duty in the constitution. We consider it as the personal choice of a fellow who takes part in our parliamentary group in line with the alliance with the EMEP,” he added.

Tüzel’s refusal came despite earlier statements from HDP executives expressing a willingness to take part in an interim government. Tüzel was one of three HDP deputies to receive an offer from Davutoğlu. 

As the former leader of the EMEP, Tüzel is part of the HDP in line with the latter’s self-description as an “umbrella party,” incorporating the Kurdish problem-focused political movement with a number of smaller leftist parties.

A written statement released by the Party Assembly of the HDP on Aug. 28 confirmed their party’s commitment to take part in the power-sharing cabinet.

“For us, the election government is a field of struggle too. Our ministers will continue their fight for peace, democracy and justice against the palace coup and the AKP’s war policies,” said the statement.