HDP highlights 'unity' in election manifesto

HDP highlights 'unity' in election manifesto

HDP highlights unity in election manifesto

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has proposed a “democratic decentralization” model in its election manifesto for Turkey’s upcoming July 24 snap elections, saying this model does not contradict with the country’s unitary state structure and democratic parliamentary system.

“A democratic decentralization model that does not contradict with the unitary state structure and democratic parliamentary system could even strengthen the [governance] system. Our understanding depends on consent, legitimization and voluntary unity,” stated the election manifesto launched by the Kurdish issue-focused HDP’s co-leaders on May 14.

“Local democracy will prevent the domination of the central mechanism over local administrations, while also ensuring political stability and the democratic development of public life,” it added.

The HDP manifesto proposes the “launching of a process to prepare a democratic constitution,” which will be based on “multi-lingual, multi-faith and equal citizenship where liberal secularism, pluralism and the principle of separation of powers will be centered.”

“A Democratic Republic that is based on local democracy, which will be under the guarantee of a Democratic Constitution, will be the roof for all to live together under democracy and pluralism rather than authoritarianism,” it read.

The HDP stated that a new constitution would include articles stipulating “all basic rights.”

Proposing to “solve the Kurdish problem,” the HDP manifesto stated that “the only way for Turkey’s peoples to find peace, security and prosperity is to ensure a permanent peace in the Kurdish problem.”

“We will ensure a peaceful solution to the Kurdish problem, emptying both the mountains [of militants] and prisons, while stopping the tears of mourning mothers. We will bring the Kurdish problem out of the area of violence and we will end the violence and conflict with an honorable peace,” it read.

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