Hatay Archaeology Museum expanded

Hatay Archaeology Museum expanded

Hatay Archaeology Museum expanded

The Hatay Archaeology Museum, which opened four years ago in the southern province of Hatay, displays one of the world’s largest mosaic collections. The museum will expand when its second stage is finished soon. 

As the former Hatay Archeology Museum, which opened in 1948 in the city, was no longer able to serve adequately, construction work was commenced on an area of 54 acres in 2011 to establish a new museum. 

The new museum, which was established for a better display of the rich collection, was opened in 2014 with a total of 32,000 square meters of area covered including social facilities. 

The museum, which is currently exhibited on an area of 7,145 square meters, will have an area of 10,700 square meters with the opening of the second-stage exhibition halls soon. 

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Hatay Archaeology Museum director Nalan Çopuroğlu Yastı said that the museum, which is home to many valuable artifacts, is visited by many people from Turkey and abroad. 

Stating that the artifacts of all periods unearthed in the city are on view in the museum, Yastı said more will be exhibited with the opening of the second stage of the museum. 

“This section will have an area of 3,555 square meters,” she added. 

The new display rooms will open in the coming days, she said, adding: “The second stage works are about to be done. We are very excited about this. Coins, mosaics and other various objects will be displayed there.” 

Rich coin collection in new place 

Yastı said the Hatay Archaeology Museum also has one of the richest coin collections in the world and that there will be a new coin room in the new stage, displaying 1,011 gold, silver and copper coins from the ancient Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. 

Yastı said the room will reveal Antakya district’s commercial life and richness in the past.
“These coins are very important. We are one of the museums with the richest coin collection in the world. It shows us how rich and magnificent Antakya is in history in terms of trade and economy. Hatay has a very important position in every aspect. It is both a trade center and a route to the holy roads. In this sense, our coin collection will show the richness of Antakya to the world.” 

She added that the coin collection room will be equipped with the latest technology. 

Yastı noted that they expect an increase in the number of visitors after the opening of the second stage. 

“This museum is worth seeing,” she said.