'Harmony of Contrast' at Bomontiada

'Harmony of Contrast' at Bomontiada

Harmony of Contrast at Bomontiada

Istanbul’s Yapı Kredi Bomontiada is hosting contemporary artist Emre Yusufi’s first solo exhibition in Turkey, “Harmony of Contrast.”

In the exhibition organized by Cue Art Space, visitors have the opportunity to discover Yusufi’s latest works in sculpture, digital and NFT format.

Yusufi made an impact in 2018 with his depiction of the relationship and interaction of today’s art audience with art in his statue of Hercules, titled “Divine Selfie,” which can take a selfie. He continues his series, in which he portrays Hercules in a contemporary way, reflecting the man of the century we live in the exhibition.

The symbol of power, the half-human, which is known as Heracles in Greek mythology and Hercules in Roman mythology, comes to life in Yusufi’s contemporary, entertaining and ironic works. The artist reinterprets and shapes this iconic past with pinpointing details and clever play.

As Italian Art Critic Maurizio Vitiello said in his article for the exhibition catalogue, “Emre Yusufi brings the sculptures to life with dreamlike breaths, strengthens them with an infectious contemporary smile, nourishes them with heterodox signs, enlivens them with contemporary movements.”

The exhibition can be visited through Nov. 30.

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