Halfeti rose scents the world with perfume

Halfeti rose scents the world with perfume

ŞANLIURFA – Anadolu Agency
Halfeti rose scents the world with perfume
An international perfume company has introduced the black rose of Halfeti (karagül) to world markets. The floral fragrance can only be obtained in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa’s Halfeti district, as it is the only place in the world to grow the rare rose. 

The black rose procures its scent from the land it grows on, drawing great interest from local and foreign tourists in the district. 

The U.K.-based Penhaligon has sent a team of professors and pharmacists to the district to obtain extracts from locals there for the production of the perfume. 

The perfume is now being sold in selected stores in various countries. 

The company’s website also provides information about Halfeti, a secluded historic district with marvelous scenery. 

“A potion so delightfully intoxicating one falls immediately in love. Warm, strong and reassuring all at once. All respectability forgotten, we have travelled far, as far as Turkey! And here in Halfeti, the red roses appear black so intense is their magic,” its website said. 

It is believed that the name of Halfeti, which has also been added to the slow city network of the Cittaslow International Committee, will become more pervasive across the world thanks to the perfume. 

‘Perfume is successful’ 

Cittaslow Halfeti Coordinator Nihat Özdal said the perfume, recently put on the market, had already gained success. 

He said the perfume’s bottle, which is laced with a bowtie, had already received positive reaction, adding that some foreign airline companies distributed the smell to their passengers on flights. 

He added that the black rose had become the central topic of many novels and TV series, adding that it became a significant symbol in culture, the arts and literature. 

Stating that the perfume became highly popular, Özdal added that “an English brand, which is a well-known perfume producer in the world, evaluated the extract of Halfeti’s unique black rose and started selling it. This perfume now receives great interest. Halfeti and the black rose are now recognized together. The logo of the perfume is Halfeti’s black rose, too. It is sold and used in some countries in the world.” 

He said the perfume drew considerable interest especially on social media. “As far as we see on social platforms, or its display in some stores, this perfume has become highly popular. Our rose is already a trending topic as ‘Halfeti Karagül’ on social media in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Indonesia. The rose also has its own sanctity in these societies; Halfeti has become a symbol there. This perfume brand has gained much success,” he added. 

Özdal said it was among the most expensive perfumes on the market with its 100-milliliter bottle sold for 164 euros.