Greek cops now on hire for private sector

Greek cops now on hire for private sector

ATHENS - Hürriyet
Greek cops now on hire for private sector

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The Greek Police service (ELAS) has decided to lease their staff as private security personnel to raise new funds to level its budget.

The Public Order Ministry announced individuals would also be able to lease vehicles, used by the police and security forces as the police force suffers from the economic crisis that has hit the entire country, according to Anatolia news agency.

The decision was also publiched in the Official gazette on March 21, 2012, Anatolia News Agency reported yesterday.


According to the decision, an application including the reasons for the lease three days in advance is enough to rent police vehicles. The price of hiring an official policeman as private security is 30 euros per hour.

Anyone who is willing to pay 50 euros will be able to hire policemen together with their motorcycles or trained dogs.

A police patrol car is 40 euros per hour. The hourly rent of a police bus is 120 euros.

Another police vehicle for rent is a speed boat that will be available for 200 euros per hour. A police helicopter costs 1,500 euros for one hour.

Apart from being available for private security, Greek police may be hired for concerts as well as film and television sets. There will also be discounts for “frequent” customers.