Greek arguments baseless according to int'l law: VP Oktay

Greek arguments baseless according to int'l law: VP Oktay

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Greek arguments baseless according to intl law: VP Oktay

Arguments put forward by Greece and the Greek Cypriot are baseless according to international law, says Turkish vice president.

“The world will eventually recognize Turkey’s rightness,” told Vice President Fuat Oktay in an interview published in Turkish Kriter magazine on Oct. 2. 

Mentioning the recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, “Greece, Greek Cypriot administration and France, an imperialist country with no coast in the region, aims to utilize the European Union (EU) for their own agenda under the pretext of ‘solidarity of the Union,” Oktay remarked.

Oktay noted that the present state of affairs in Turkish, EU relations is affiliated with the fact that some member states using the bloc for their political interests and agenda, consequently stalling the relations between Turkey and the EU.

“Under these circumstances, the rational option for the EU is to assume the facilitator role by acting unbiased and just," he added.

Addressing country’s efforts to stem the spread of virus, Turkish vice president argued that Turkey is among the countries that is least-affected from the novel pandemic due to its success in managing the crisis.

He said the country took necessary economic measures to minimize the negative effect of the pandemic on its citizens.

“COVID-19 pandemic revealed the weaknesses and shortages of international organizations and institutions. This is the case with the World Health Organization, United Nations, and the European Union,” Oktay said and expressed the need for essential reform of the international organizations.

Regarding the ongoing border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Oktay reiterated that it is Armenia which triggered the hostilities by recently attacking Azerbaijan, hence showing once more that itself is the biggest obstacle before peace and stability in the region.

“Armenian’s constant provocations and attacks on Azerbaijani soil led Azerbaijan to execute the right of self-defense, which derives from international law,” he said.

“Upper Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan conducts operations within its internationally recognized territories to protect its people and to reinstate its territorial unity and peace,” Oktay concluded.