Greece refuses to extradite DHKP-C member to Turkey

Greece refuses to extradite DHKP-C member to Turkey

ATHENS – Anadolu Agency
Greece refuses to extradite DHKP-C member to Turkey

A Greek court on April 3 rejected Turkey’s extradition request for a member of the outlawed far-leftist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army-Front (DHKP-C), according to Greek ANA-MPA news agency.

Ali Ercan Gökoğlu of DHKP-C was arrested last November in Athens and has since been jailed pending trial.

Before the decision of the Larissa Appeals Court on Gökoğlu, the prosecution argued that the suspect should not be extradited because “there is no guarantee for a fair trial,” if returned to Turkey, it was reported.

Gökoğlu’s arrest along with eight others came days before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arrived in Athens for an official visit.

The nine suspects were remanded in custody for “possessing weapons and explosives,” “being members of a terrorist organization” and “possessing forged documents.”

The Greek Appeals Courts also previously denied extradition requests for four other DHKP-C members, Hasan Biber, Hazal Seçer, Mehmet Doğan, and Şadi Naci Özpolat.

DHKP-C member Hasan Biber is believed to be one of the perpetrators of twin bomb attacks in 2013 that targeted the Justice Ministry and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) headquarters in the Turkish capital, Ankara.