Gov’t to launch new effort for quake-proof cities: Erdoğan

Gov’t to launch new effort for quake-proof cities: Erdoğan

Gov’t to launch new effort for quake-proof cities: Erdoğan

The Turkish government will soon launch a new effort to build earthquake-proof and modern houses for the people under the urban transformation plan, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, vowing to finish the construction of new residential areas for the earthquake victims in one year.

Erdoğan, accompanied by his allies, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bhaçeli and New Welfare Party (YRP) Chairman Fatih Erbakan, laid the foundation of more than 30,000 houses in Nurdağı district of Gaziantep.

Eleven provinces were destroyed by two deadly Feb. 6 earthquakes that killed more than 50,000 people. Erdoğan has promised to construct around 650,000 houses for the earthquake victims in one year.

“We have kept all our promises to our people in the past 20 years. We are working day and night to deliver this. Our works continue without any stop,” Erdoğan said.

In addition to the quake-hit region, the government is also making efforts to strengthen all the houses across the country, Erdoğan stated. “We are in preparation for the transformation of all the houses that are at risk [of collapse by a tremor]. We are committed to ready all our cities against all sorts of disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and wildfires, under the Türkiye National Disaster Shield Project.”

Erdoğan recalled that his governments since 2002 have taken giant steps for Türkiye’s democratic and economic development and that these efforts will be intensified following the May 14 presidential and parliamentary polls.

“We are on the eve of a new rise. After these elections, we will devote all our energy to the construction of the Century of Türkiye,” he said. Criticizing the opposition alliance comprising six political parties, Erdoğan said Türkiye can never tolerate being governed by a coalition.

“We cannot achieve anything with coalitions. We want to walk towards a bigger vision,” Erdoğan suggested.

Erdoğan also slammed the opposition parties that sought to annul his candidacy on the grounds that he was already elected two times. “They were slapped by the Supreme Election Board. They don’t know anything about the constitution and laws,” he said.

Bahçeli, for his part, called on the people to vote for the People’s Alliance so that Türkiye’s march won’t stop. “We should endure our reform which is the presidential government system,” he said, slamming the opposition for offering a coalition government for Türkiye.