Governor raises eyebrows with 'high-level' ceremony to open watering trough

Governor raises eyebrows with 'high-level' ceremony to open watering trough

EDİRNE – Doğan News Agency
Governor raises eyebrows with high-level ceremony to open watering trough

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The governor of Edirne has inaugurated a watering trough in the northwestern province, built to provide drinking water to cattle and other livestock, with an official ceremony in Edirne’s Azaklı village. 

The Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry constructed water troughs for animals in 13 villages across Edirne. 

Once the troughs were complete, they were inaugurated with an official ceremony attended by the governor, district governor, gendarmerie command and provincial director for national education, as well as the provincial director of the livestock ministry. 

Turkish flags were hung and the national anthem was sung for the “high-level ceremony.”

In a speech during the inauguration, Edirne Gov. Dursun Ali Şahin said he attended the ceremony “because he loves animals.”

“These troughs are of high importance for animals. The milk yield of animals will increase after drinking water from these troughs,” stated the governor. “I love animals. Do not underrate animals,” he added.