Golden Globe organizers ban members to receive gifts, trips

Golden Globe organizers ban members to receive gifts, trips

Golden Globe organizers ban members to receive gifts, trips

The organizers of the Golden Globes on July 16 banned its members from receiving gifts and free trips from movie studios and TV networks seeking to clinch awards for their shows and stars.

The reforms, approved by members of the small Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), are among a raft of changes to the organization following an uproar over ethical practices and lack of diversity that led to the 2022 Golden Globes ceremony being cancelled.

The HFPA said in a statement that under the new policies on conflicts of interest, members “shall not be permitted to accept promotional materials or other gifts from studios, publicists, actors, directors or others associated with motion pictures and television programs.”

Television network NBC in May dropped its broadcast of the January 2022

Golden Globes ceremony, one of the biggest award shows in Hollywood, after an industry backlash over questionable practices. HFPA members were also accused of making sexist and racist remarks to celebrities at promotional events.

Tom Cruise returned his three Golden Globe statuettes as part of the revolt and media companies, including Netflix, Amazon Studios, and WarnerMedia, said they would no longer work with the HFPA unless it made far-reaching changes.

The HFPA has since embarked on reforms that range from a pledge to recruit Black members, appointing diversity consultants and setting up a hotline for grievances.

“With these updates, our members have completed virtually all of the reforms agreed upon in May,” the HFPA statement said.

NBC said in May that if the organization carries out all its promised changes it hopes to air the Golden Globes show again in January 2023.