Gökçeada mayor arrested in corruption investigation

Gökçeada mayor arrested in corruption investigation

Gökçeada mayor arrested in corruption investigation

Three people, including Gökçeada Mayor Ünal Çetin, have been arrested within the investigation into the municipality of the northwestern district on allegations of corruption and bribery.

The provincial police department’s anti-smuggling and organized crime carried out an operation against the municipality on Jan. 31. During the operation, mayor Ünal Çetin, zoning manager Seval Duran, public employee E.B., and contractors R.G. and B.B. were detained.

Five suspects were referred to the courthouse following their procedures at the police station. In line with their statements, Hasan Erdem, the former district chair of the İYİ (Good) Party in Gökçeada, was also detained.

Çetin, Duran and Erdem were arrested, while the other three were freed by a judicial control decision.

Çetin and Duran were suspended from their duty as a temporary measure due to the pending investigation, the Interior Ministry announced in a written statement.

The İYİ Party, meanwhile, issued a statement after the mayor’s detention describing the move as a “political step.”

“Mr. Çetin could be informed about the investigation and he would not hesitate to testify. We find it meaningful in terms of timing that this investigation is being conducted with a detention operation,” the party said, referring to the upcoming elections.

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