Germany slammed over Islamophobia

Germany slammed over Islamophobia

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Germany slammed over Islamophobia

Turkish deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdağ, AA Photo

Turkish deputy prime minister has criticized Germany for attacking freedom of religion and conscience by violating the rights of Muslims in Germany with an upcoming media campaign.

Bekir Bozdağ said Germany was getting ready to launch a new campaign by “hanging hatred posters all around country,” at the opening ceremony of the Chinese-Turkish Islamic Culture Exhibition in Istanbul on Aug. 31.

“In 2011, a department was founded within the Interior Ministry of Germany called the Security Cooperation Initiative. The aim of the initiative was said to be combating extremism in Germany. In fact representatives of the Muslim community also participated in this organism with good intentions. However soon a poster titled ‘wanted’ will be revealed that equates wearing a headscarf with being a terrorist,” Bozdağ said. Bozdağ then showed the poster, on which a headscarved woman is seen under the headline “wanted.” The imaginary article below says:

“This is my friend Fatma. I miss her, because I cannot recognize her anymore. Day by day she is withdrawing and becoming more radical. I am afraid of totally losing her to the hands of fanatics and terrorist organizations. If you have the same concerns as me contact the Radicalization Consultancy Center by calling 0911-9434343 or sending an email to”

Open attack on freedom

“This is an open attack on freedom of religion and conscience, a humiliation of human rights,” said Bozdağ. Bozdağ also tore into Chancellor Angela Merkel for letting her Cabinet make such a move.

“Mrs. Merkel has taken positive steps lately [when issues came up about Islam.] Islam was announced as one of the official religions in Hamburg and she immediately took action when the circumcision ban occurred. I am expecting the same attitude again from her,” he said. “A minister from Merkel’s Cabinet now takes this unethical, inhuman action,” he added.

“This is not only disrespectful to Muslims in Germany, but to all European Muslims. A state should not have acted this way; this is the worse side of the story. Unless the German government shuts down this institution, it means the [German state] considers Muslims a threat,” Bozdağ said. Bozdağ also criticized the Muslim representatives who took part in the activities of the initiative.

The Directorate for Religious Affairs of Turkey (Diyanet) in Germany also participated, according to reports.

Bozdağ said Muslims who backed this institution should resign or should stop their cooperation with the institution.

‘Drink Festival’ criticisms

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Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ has criticized an event dubbed as “Drink Festival” organized in Israel in the Beersheba Mosque on Sept. 5. “They are going to organize a wine festival in the garden of the mosque and I don’t know how, but somehow they are going to do it in front of the whole world. This is not acceptable,” Bozdağ said.

The Head of Religious Affairs Dr. Mehmet Görmez also criticized Israeli authorities. “A company that produces alcohol is trying to organize a festival in a historical Ottoman mosque. The people of the world should know that it may cause provocations to disrespect others’ beliefs, symbols and values. I invite the Israeli government to practice common sense,” Görmez said.