German-Turkish businessman subjected to police violence

German-Turkish businessman subjected to police violence

COLOGNE-Anadolu Agency
German-Turkish businessman subjected to police violence

In front of his own shop, a German-Turkish businessman in a city in Rhineland was subjected to police violence, as revealed by bystander video and the man’s own account on April 25.

Emre Tümsek, 43, shared the video shot by a bystander in front of his shop in the city of Duisburg showing two police officers handcuffing him and then pressing with their knees on his back and neck.

The police took action against him when he emerged from his shop after hearing a noise and came out to investigate, he told Anadolu Agency on April 25.

He plans to file a criminal complaint, he added.

"The violence continued in the police vehicle and I pressed the help button. They made me listen to the German national anthem. I never saw or heard of anything like this before. They put two masks on me, handcuffed me, and threw me into a cell,” said Tümsek.

“They kept me there for about four hours. This had a big impact on my state of mind and my family’s. I will file a criminal complaint against those responsible,” he said.

Duisburg police have not yet responded to the allegations of police violence.

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