'Genocide' bill on French Parliament agenda

'Genocide' bill on French Parliament agenda

Anatolia News Agency
Genocide bill on French Parliament agenda

AFP Photo

The French government did not object to the placement of the motion criminalizing the denial of the Armenian claims of genocide on the Parliament agenda, according to Anatolia news agency. 

The government's lack of objection secured the future vote of the bill by the French Parliament on Thursday. 

If the motion passes, anyone who publicly denies the Armenian genocide claims or the 1915 events would face a year in prison and a 45,000 euro fine.

Turkey has been increasing pressure on France to halt the motion, with businessmen and politicians contributing to campaigns. 

Earlier today, news of a French hotel cancelling reservations for a conference room by a Turkish delegation campaigning against the motion had surfaced. The cancellation was reportedly caused by political pressure placed on the French hotel management.