Gaziantep Municipality builds wooden houses for quake survivors

Gaziantep Municipality builds wooden houses for quake survivors

Gaziantep Municipality builds wooden houses for quake survivors


Amid ongoing efforts to solve the problem of shelters for those who lost their homes in quakes last month, the Gaziantep Municipality has started producing wooden houses for earthquake victims, which are cost-effective and well-insulated.

Solutions are being developed to solve the sheltering problem of survivors in the southeastern quake-hit province of Gaziantep after the devastating earthquakes.

Within this scope, the Gaziantep Municipality started to produce wooden houses, which are more affordable than containers and stone shelters.

Gazi Kördeve, an official from the municipality, stated that wooden houses will be put into use next week.

Stating that they will bring 150 houses to the quake zone in the city as of March 13, Kördeve said, ”We have the capacity to install 100 units daily.”

“Over time, it may also spread throughout the region and country. We produce [these houses] in our own workshops affiliated with the Gaziantep Municipality. As wooden houses are prepared from disassembled materials, they do not occupy a large volume, which is useful in avoiding storage problems,” Kördeve explained.

These houses are much more useful as heat permeability is less than the containers, Kördeve added.

As Gaziantep experiences extreme summer heat, these houses are quite suitable for the upcoming summer season, Kördeve noted.

“The house will have two independent compartments, that is, two rooms. There will be a bathroom and toilet in one room and an open kitchen in the other. There will also be electric and water installations. It can easily meet the needs of a family of four, five or even six people.”